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Private training

Personal Training

Whether your goal is to elevate your overall fitness, gain strength, drop body fat, increase lean muscle or simply move better, our personal training is the fastest way to get there. In addition to targeted workouts our personal training program also includes personalized nutrition, progress monitoring, as well as access to our online training platform.
Location The King West Club, 266 King Street West, Toronto, ON

Group classes


Our men's group training program is carefully crafted to increase strength, drop body fat and build lean muscle. It features a strong emphasis on technique, hands-on coaching and scalable workouts for all levels. The program draws from intensity and the camaraderie of group training, but offers a personalized experience that targets your specific fitness goals.
Location The King West Club, 266 King Street West, Toronto, ON


Women’s training is evolving. We’ve moved beyond misconceptions that “women shouldn’t lift heavy” or that “cardio is the best way to burn fat”. Fenom is our answer to this evolution. We’ve redefined group training by infusing targeted strength & conditioning workouts, hands-on coaching and personalized nutrition. Get ready to Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Press and sweat.
Location The King West Club, 266 King Street West, Toronto, ON

Hardstyle Metcon

Hardstyle Metcon is a sweaty combination of Hardstyle Kettlebell training, bodyweight training and metabolic conditioning. It’s a great class for those who are looking to sharpen their Kettlebell skills, increase their strength and drop body fat.
Location The Attic, Lululemon, 318 Queen St West #300, Toronto, ON. Wednesdays at 5:15pm.

Athletic X

Tap into your inner athlete with this high energy, performance-based circuit. Athletic X (which stands for athletic expression) is a great class for those who want to kick their metabolism into high gear and improve their strength, speed, power and agility. The 60-minute full-body workout will test all fitness levels.
Location The King West Club, 266 King Street West, Toronto, ON. Saturdays at 11:15am

Special events

Iron & Flow

Iron & Flow is a sweaty mix of Hardstyle Kettlebell training and a movement practice called Animal Flow. It’s a great workout for those looking to improve their mobility, strength, endurance and power. Hardstyle Kettlebell Training is rooted in martial arts and centers around generating maximum power in the shortest amount of time. It’s all about technique and efficiency.
Location Next session to be announced.

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